Thursday, December 3, 2009

Political Ramblings

I'm not sure if anyone has heard of Climategate. If you watch CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC you won't. Fox News (and now Jon Stewart) is pretty much the only news organization following this. The news is that some high-ups in the CRU (climate research unit) from the University of East Anglia got hacked a couple weeks ago and lots of shit they didn't want anyone to find out about got stolen. Particularly emails of a collaboration to falsify or even completely do away with data that actually shows no warming trend on our fair planet. Guess what folks? No global warming. Or at least we'll never know now because they trashed all the data from the last ONE HUNDRED years.

This is crazy. These are scientists. There is a scientific process. Even getting a wrong answer gives insight as to what the original experiment was. Science isn't about fixing numbers to suit political adventures. It's a process of learning. Sometimes the answers to tests lead to more questions. That's science.

What's interesting is that Earth's-best-friend-guy, Al Gore, is taking a lot of heat for this. Jon Stewart said (and I quote from, "Poor Al Gore. Global warming completely debunked via the very Internet you invented. Oh, oh, the irony!"
There's a YouTube video from WeAreChangeChicago. Just YouTube search climategate.

Guess what Al Gore got himself? A shiny new condo in San Francisco. Guess what it cost him. A cool 2 mil. Chump change for Nobel prize winning, Academy Award winning, Interwebz creating, Global Catastrophist snooze bucket Al Gore. He created this global warming shite to line his pockets. Guess what everyone else did? They followed along.

"He's making a fuck-ton of money by lying and cheating!"
"But we're scientists!"
"It's OK. Nobody will ever hack our email! We are invincible!!!"

And now we have cap-and-trade. Limiting production to industries that have the highest "carbon footprint." Basically this says if you produce too much greenhouse gas you have to pay. OR you can purchase credits from industries that are "saving the planet" and cutting back. Basically the US govt is putting it's big fat hand where it doesn't belong.
This is as close to socialism as I'm comfortable with. Guess what though! it gets better(worse).

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid basically paid off a senator in Louisiana so she would vote yes on the newly proposed 1 billion, I'm sorry, 1 trillion dollar health care reform. In this bill this senator is promised 100-300 million dollars. Just for voting yes. How much of that do you think Louisiana will actually see? I'd say a Snickers bar would be about right.

From what I understand this bill (with the public option) will supposedly increase competition between health care insurers so they will inevitably lower their prices. And this bill will pay for itself over a decade. This means that it's being paid for with tax dollars. Our tax dollars.

Wake the fuck up America.


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