Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Basic Disbelief

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Below is a list of things that one man thinks. I don't neccessarily believe that we're headed toward all them, but I'd like to believe we can keep a few in this list on hand and still call this place America in a few years. You know...because I kinda like it here.


"Consider whether it is in the best interests of America’s future to accept or reject the following transformations inherent in what Obama describes as “change we can believe in:”

-From a nation of investors to a nation of debtors.
-From a free market economy to a government-run economy.
-From a value system that prizes personal independence to a political system that fosters personal dependency.
-From a society where wealth accumulation, job creation and innovation are aspirations, to a society where wealth redistribution, high unemployment and stagnation are expectations.
-From a country confident that it is worthy of emulation to a country apologetic about its actions, beliefs and systems.
-From a military power that punches hard in the fight for freedom to a military that is sometimes commanded to pull its punches in the war against terrorism.
-From a quest to achieve the correct political course at the right cost to a quest to achieve the politically correct course at any cost.
-From a competitive environment where failure is part of a course correction to a government-controlled environment where the course of failure produces bailouts, handouts, payouts and layabouts
-From a public debate that is challenging because of strongly-held views to a public debate that is stifled because only one party’s views are challenged.
-From a country that celebrates strength and competes to a country that cultivates enervation and retreats."

These are changes I believe are being forced upon us and that most are taking as their own. People are losing their jobs and really just don't want to go back. They're getting hundreds a week to sit around and watch CNN and VH1 and say, "this is all Bush's fault." That's right, keep getting Government handouts (unemployment extensions) and blaming someone else for your woes.
While the previous admin may have a hand in our economic crisis the current one isn't doing much but expediting entropy. A collapse is what they want and spending like this is going to get them just that.

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