Thursday, December 3, 2009

Olden Ages

So, I had a birthday on November 16th. That means I'm 27. I got a lot of nice wishes and gifts.
The past few years have been rough. I haven't really wanted to deal with life as it should be dealt with; head-on. Apply directly to the forehead and get your ass in gear.

I'm ready for it. I'll be registering for classes in January and finishing my degree on the fast track, well at least as many night classes as they'll let me take. I had attempted at a BS in Computer Science but I found out I wasn't all that great at math. (Edit the hard math, not 1=1 or a*b*c=c*b*a)

Now that I'm a year older I'm wondering what I can think of next to insure my freedom in later years. By that I mean financial freedom. I'm trying to go about it like my parents have suggested. "Go to college, get a job. Be a tool shed." But all this nonsense is wearing thin. I don't want to jockey a desk for the rest of my life and I certainly don't want to be living on the streets.

I'm all about compromise. I dislike arguing and fighting. But life and money are something I don't want to make compromises with. In a free-market society financial stability is key. And I really don't wanna turn this into politics so I'll leave it there.

I want a family. I want kids. I want to be happy. I want white picket fences and golden retrievers. I want a 401K and life insurance. I want suburban life. Not in a gay way though. I want neighbors that won't shoot eachother for tennis shoes. I want to have backyard BBQs and birthday parties and pool parties.

But none of this comes easy. It's so hard to make this happen. Why is that? It's a life style and it simply isn't my lifestyle. My life is computers, music, vidjagames, my best friend and my girlfriend. That's all I fear it will ever be.

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  1. I feel you on that, Im damn near in the same boat.