Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's amazing how people are so caught up with celebrity news and scandal. Everyday I hear through the cube how Tiger Woods did this or how the Rock's cousin died. Is it really that important? They're just people, really. Going about their daily lives, but people decide that it's worth reporting. It takes focus (or completely drowns) away from actual news. Like the war, yes there's still a war going on, or even healthcare, cap-and-trade, the CRU climate scandal, unemployment.

There's so much else going that what Selena Gomez says in her Myspace status updates shouldn't even be relevant. And yet it is.

Major news networks are still reporting on celebrity news just so they'll get a hit or two or hoping someone will click on their advertisements.

There are entire networks that base their programming solely on the fact that people don’t care about the world, but, instead how many women Kobe Bryant raped this month.

Perez Hilton and TMZ are the worst. They make millions off of suckers that buy into celebrity scandal. Paparazzi constantly accost  people hoping to get a vag shot or a nip slip. E! has countdowns on celebrity scandal. Ugh.

I guess what I'm trying to say is what's really important is being overlooked entirely. And it's not just important to me.

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