Friday, December 18, 2009


Speaking of empty words....

An excerpt from Mister Hussein's speech in Copenhagen.

"Second, we must have a mechanism to review whether we are keeping our
commitments, and to exchange this information in a transparent manner.
These measures need not be intrusive or infringe upon sovereignty.
They must, however, ensure that an accord is credible and that we are
living up to our obligations. For without such accountability, any
agreement would be empty words on a page."

I just hope this mechanism isn't giving the EPA, the Executive Branch's industry assasin, the ability to legislate without Congressional approval...oh shit...nm.
I also hope this doesn't mean that Iranian President, Imadouchebagidad or Venizuelan President, Hugo Stalin, have the ability to tell me when I get to charge my effing cell phone.


November 2010 is when this madness will end. People will see (hopefully have seen), our prez will spend the rest of his term lame dicking...Sorry ducking his way through office.

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