Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I need a Vacation...

"I think I'll go to Hawaii..." is what I would say if I wanted to hang with the Obama gang. Christmas vacation in Hawaii sounds very pleasant. Maybe if I was dictator of the free world I could vacation wherever I wanted.
These are states that BO and company will never vacation.




Arrowhead Stadium




The Arkansas pictures I took (with my cell phone so they're not great quality), but the rest are property of their respective owners.

These are some of the most beatiful places on Earth, but he'll never vacation there because he'll probably be mauled by angry voters. Or Grizzly bears...

Friday, December 18, 2009


Speaking of empty words....

An excerpt from Mister Hussein's speech in Copenhagen.

"Second, we must have a mechanism to review whether we are keeping our
commitments, and to exchange this information in a transparent manner.
These measures need not be intrusive or infringe upon sovereignty.
They must, however, ensure that an accord is credible and that we are
living up to our obligations. For without such accountability, any
agreement would be empty words on a page."

I just hope this mechanism isn't giving the EPA, the Executive Branch's industry assasin, the ability to legislate without Congressional approval...oh shit...nm.
I also hope this doesn't mean that Iranian President, Imadouchebagidad or Venizuelan President, Hugo Stalin, have the ability to tell me when I get to charge my effing cell phone.


November 2010 is when this madness will end. People will see (hopefully have seen), our prez will spend the rest of his term lame dicking...Sorry ducking his way through office.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Basic Disbelief

Click link above for full story(opinion).  

Below is a list of things that one man thinks. I don't neccessarily believe that we're headed toward all them, but I'd like to believe we can keep a few in this list on hand and still call this place America in a few years. You know...because I kinda like it here.


"Consider whether it is in the best interests of America’s future to accept or reject the following transformations inherent in what Obama describes as “change we can believe in:”

-From a nation of investors to a nation of debtors.
-From a free market economy to a government-run economy.
-From a value system that prizes personal independence to a political system that fosters personal dependency.
-From a society where wealth accumulation, job creation and innovation are aspirations, to a society where wealth redistribution, high unemployment and stagnation are expectations.
-From a country confident that it is worthy of emulation to a country apologetic about its actions, beliefs and systems.
-From a military power that punches hard in the fight for freedom to a military that is sometimes commanded to pull its punches in the war against terrorism.
-From a quest to achieve the correct political course at the right cost to a quest to achieve the politically correct course at any cost.
-From a competitive environment where failure is part of a course correction to a government-controlled environment where the course of failure produces bailouts, handouts, payouts and layabouts
-From a public debate that is challenging because of strongly-held views to a public debate that is stifled because only one party’s views are challenged.
-From a country that celebrates strength and competes to a country that cultivates enervation and retreats."

These are changes I believe are being forced upon us and that most are taking as their own. People are losing their jobs and really just don't want to go back. They're getting hundreds a week to sit around and watch CNN and VH1 and say, "this is all Bush's fault." That's right, keep getting Government handouts (unemployment extensions) and blaming someone else for your woes.
While the previous admin may have a hand in our economic crisis the current one isn't doing much but expediting entropy. A collapse is what they want and spending like this is going to get them just that.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I've jumped on the bandwagon. I figured, "I can count to nine, should be easy."

I hate Suduko. It's stupid. It's a waste of time. I'd much rather be working at work instead of watching the hours fly by as I figure out the pointlessness of 81 tiny squares...

Is what I would say if I was a tool. Since I hate work and actually want to leave as soon as possible, I have addicted myself to Suduko...on purpose.

It's annoying. I always mess up. Maybe I'm stupid. Maybe I'll start crossword puzzles instead.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bring on the Crisis

Click Link above.

I've never heard of any of this. Read the whole article.

I believe this is the current administrations end-game. They are creating a crisis (spending more than we have) to garner a false meltdown and societal break leading to a restructuring of upper and lower eschelons of our government therefore by-passing The Constitution and creating a completely new society. A society that they (our current govt majority party) can have complete authoritative control over.
This is really scary. With healthcare spending over the next decade, sending more troops overseas, cap-and-trade, and even more sanctions on small and big business alike, it's becoming clear that this is their goal.
This Cloward-Piven Strategy is going to create total anarchy. I'm buying my guns tonight before Obama takes them off the shelf (by rewriting The Constitution).

It's coming.
I hope not.

chibi Mozilla

So a project code named Fennec just got the go ahead for Q4 2009.
Firefox Mobile is coming.
I'm freakin' pumped.
The Windows Mobile version will be realeased early 2010.
With tabbed browsing, many extensions akin to the desktop big brother version, and just all around awesomeness.
Not sure what web WebGl is, but it's surely gonna have that too!

This is all good news. I promise. Unless the Senate imposes sanctions on Mozilla and inserts a govt run mobile web browser alternative.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

omfg wtf it that?!! srsly. wtf is that?!

Click title above. Bear in mind it's almost unbearable. Punny. Stop.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's amazing how people are so caught up with celebrity news and scandal. Everyday I hear through the cube how Tiger Woods did this or how the Rock's cousin died. Is it really that important? They're just people, really. Going about their daily lives, but people decide that it's worth reporting. It takes focus (or completely drowns) away from actual news. Like the war, yes there's still a war going on, or even healthcare, cap-and-trade, the CRU climate scandal, unemployment.

There's so much else going that what Selena Gomez says in her Myspace status updates shouldn't even be relevant. And yet it is.

Major news networks are still reporting on celebrity news just so they'll get a hit or two or hoping someone will click on their advertisements.

There are entire networks that base their programming solely on the fact that people don’t care about the world, but, instead how many women Kobe Bryant raped this month.

Perez Hilton and TMZ are the worst. They make millions off of suckers that buy into celebrity scandal. Paparazzi constantly accost  people hoping to get a vag shot or a nip slip. E! has countdowns on celebrity scandal. Ugh.

I guess what I'm trying to say is what's really important is being overlooked entirely. And it's not just important to me.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hopenhagen 2009, doubtful....

Click title for a sweet video.

With the climate talks about to begin hundreds of UN reps and guests are piling up private jets and luxury cars. BMWs and Jaguars. Mercedes and Audis. This summit plans to put a cap on how much CO2 the world (America) is emmitting and then leave it up to the nations to tax the shit out of green and not-so-green industries.
Seriously. Why don't they just do a Cisco video conference like in all those awesome commercials we see? Face time. Some douche-sack wants a photo-op with the president of Luxembourg so we all go to Copenhagen. Our president will be there along with about 20 members of the cabinet.
They say all these people traveling to and from the conference will leave the carbon-footprint of a small country. This doesn't make sense to me.
With all the talk of global warming (or not global warming, that is the question) and humanity's negitive impact on the environy, how can they do this? This is blatantly hypocritical. So obviously against the grain (green), that I really wonder if they're just having a party and laughing it up while they rake in the dough from cap-and-trade and make us sit in soybean sofas and drive shitty cars.
They tell me, "Ride your bike to work! Save the environment!"
Then they pull up in the 2009 BMW 7 Series (seen below).

My work is 10 miles from my house. No way in hell I'm waking up at 4:30AM and riding the bus downtown. I should not have to sacrafice my liberties just for these guys to fly a private jet on a 2 week jaunt to beautiful Denmark. Eff that.



This weekend was kind of uneventful, so I won't bore you too much here. Friday night we played pool at our local pool hall, The Pit. And yeah, that's pretty much what it is. Lots of different people come in. They go. Different people come in. They go too. They had a live band playing nothing other than country music.
I'm not really a fan of country music, but after a few beers I'll sing a couple lines.
So this guy comes in. He's about nine feet taller than everybody else. He decides that he's taking my girlfriend home with him. I mean if he really wanted to he could've just stomped on me and that would have been the end of it. Mary would no longer have a boyfriend. I would be murder food.
So I see this freak of nature over at the bar with his gigantic hands all over her. I usually don't get pissed off, but when she's pushing him off and he's grabbing harder, I felt inclined to say something. Guess what he said to me after I asked what's going on? Yeah it's really original. "I'll f%)$@ing kill you!"
That's when the owner of The Pit jumped in. This guy is about seventeen feet taller than the other guy. If douchebag-grabby-hands is Goliath, then owner guy is God. Plain and simple.
Well, turns out Mary gets bitched out for instigating. She cries, (because she really liked that place and we'll probably never go back) we leave.
Moral of the story....
I guess there isn't really a moral here.
Well I guess there is. Be 26 feet tall and nobody will mess with you. Ugh, I feel so insignificant.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rudolph would be jealous.

Click above

Check this out.

Christmas Wish list

Here is a list of things that probably won't happen before Christmas....or ever.

-CERN uses the LHC to create/find the Higgs Boson particle. AKA the God Particle
-This is crazy. I would love to see the particle that holds mass/atoms together.

-Al Gore goes to prison for being completely useless to the environment and mankind in general.
-He makes one silly movie and he's a hero. Well, among tree huggers and the media.

-My truck miraculously cures it's ailments.
-Poor guy. He's leaking oil, differential is about to bust, windshield is cracked.

-Sony secretly releases PS9 to just me for testing and because I'm generally awesome in all respects.

-We start using unnecessary people as money.
-think Soylent Green.

-Best Buy has a Hanukkah sale.

-Wal-Mart has a Kwanzaa sale.

-Wal-Mart and Best Buy have a Holocaust sale.
-Thanksgiving was a day of slaughtering of Native Americans. Doesn't anybody know this?

-I find a job I actually like.
-they say you'll never work a day in your life if you do something you love.

-I read a book.
-Can't remember the last book I read....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Olden Ages

So, I had a birthday on November 16th. That means I'm 27. I got a lot of nice wishes and gifts.
The past few years have been rough. I haven't really wanted to deal with life as it should be dealt with; head-on. Apply directly to the forehead and get your ass in gear.

I'm ready for it. I'll be registering for classes in January and finishing my degree on the fast track, well at least as many night classes as they'll let me take. I had attempted at a BS in Computer Science but I found out I wasn't all that great at math. (Edit the hard math, not 1=1 or a*b*c=c*b*a)

Now that I'm a year older I'm wondering what I can think of next to insure my freedom in later years. By that I mean financial freedom. I'm trying to go about it like my parents have suggested. "Go to college, get a job. Be a tool shed." But all this nonsense is wearing thin. I don't want to jockey a desk for the rest of my life and I certainly don't want to be living on the streets.

I'm all about compromise. I dislike arguing and fighting. But life and money are something I don't want to make compromises with. In a free-market society financial stability is key. And I really don't wanna turn this into politics so I'll leave it there.

I want a family. I want kids. I want to be happy. I want white picket fences and golden retrievers. I want a 401K and life insurance. I want suburban life. Not in a gay way though. I want neighbors that won't shoot eachother for tennis shoes. I want to have backyard BBQs and birthday parties and pool parties.

But none of this comes easy. It's so hard to make this happen. Why is that? It's a life style and it simply isn't my lifestyle. My life is computers, music, vidjagames, my best friend and my girlfriend. That's all I fear it will ever be.

Political Ramblings

I'm not sure if anyone has heard of Climategate. If you watch CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC you won't. Fox News (and now Jon Stewart) is pretty much the only news organization following this. The news is that some high-ups in the CRU (climate research unit) from the University of East Anglia got hacked a couple weeks ago and lots of shit they didn't want anyone to find out about got stolen. Particularly emails of a collaboration to falsify or even completely do away with data that actually shows no warming trend on our fair planet. Guess what folks? No global warming. Or at least we'll never know now because they trashed all the data from the last ONE HUNDRED years.

This is crazy. These are scientists. There is a scientific process. Even getting a wrong answer gives insight as to what the original experiment was. Science isn't about fixing numbers to suit political adventures. It's a process of learning. Sometimes the answers to tests lead to more questions. That's science.

What's interesting is that Earth's-best-friend-guy, Al Gore, is taking a lot of heat for this. Jon Stewart said (and I quote from, "Poor Al Gore. Global warming completely debunked via the very Internet you invented. Oh, oh, the irony!"
There's a YouTube video from WeAreChangeChicago. Just YouTube search climategate.

Guess what Al Gore got himself? A shiny new condo in San Francisco. Guess what it cost him. A cool 2 mil. Chump change for Nobel prize winning, Academy Award winning, Interwebz creating, Global Catastrophist snooze bucket Al Gore. He created this global warming shite to line his pockets. Guess what everyone else did? They followed along.

"He's making a fuck-ton of money by lying and cheating!"
"But we're scientists!"
"It's OK. Nobody will ever hack our email! We are invincible!!!"

And now we have cap-and-trade. Limiting production to industries that have the highest "carbon footprint." Basically this says if you produce too much greenhouse gas you have to pay. OR you can purchase credits from industries that are "saving the planet" and cutting back. Basically the US govt is putting it's big fat hand where it doesn't belong.
This is as close to socialism as I'm comfortable with. Guess what though! it gets better(worse).

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid basically paid off a senator in Louisiana so she would vote yes on the newly proposed 1 billion, I'm sorry, 1 trillion dollar health care reform. In this bill this senator is promised 100-300 million dollars. Just for voting yes. How much of that do you think Louisiana will actually see? I'd say a Snickers bar would be about right.

From what I understand this bill (with the public option) will supposedly increase competition between health care insurers so they will inevitably lower their prices. And this bill will pay for itself over a decade. This means that it's being paid for with tax dollars. Our tax dollars.

Wake the fuck up America.