Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State of the Union

Tonight at 8 PM CST our fair leader will be blowing hot air up our collective asses. Be sure and check it out. It'll probably be on every channel. Just turn on your it's ever off.

Found out something that I hadn't known of until recently. Right to Recall. Currently 9 states in the US (Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, and New Jersey) have, in their respective statutes, this right to recall a Senator after one year of his/her term.

Alternatively, states that do not have this statute can petition their local government to have it written into law. Think I'll give Blanche Lincoln a call today and see what's up.

Already in LA the Right to Recall has been processed and money bags Mary Landrieu that took a bribe from Major Reid for a vote on his facist health plan is probably in deep caca. But probably not because some jerk-wad will say it's unconstitutional.

I'd say that Facism and a new Reich in the US is freakin' unconstitutional.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Only slightly used

FOR SALE: Democratic Party

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Taking the cake and eating too.

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I've said in earlier posts that the current administration, our "Dear Leader" included, is purposefully overloading our economy with taxation on our major industries and rallying the poor (mostly uneducated) with the intent of a complete restructuring of our government.
This has already happened in Europe. The new European Union, according to this Lisbon Treaty, will effectively delete the European borders. While reading the article linked above I couldn't help but make some frightening comparisons to our fair country.

First, out of control illeagal immigration. Even though our country is, and always has been, a melting pot of cultures so to speak, we are seeing consequences of illegal immigration. The people that come over unannounced are being given citizenship (driver's licenses which gives them the ability to vote in elections) just because nobody wants to be the first to say, "hey, you're not supposed to be here," out of fear of being called a racist. It's representation without taxation. Just exactly the opposite of the founding principles of our nation. Granted they are doing the jobs that snobby white people don't want to do (like work at Wal-Mart), but they don't pay taxes. Which is starting to sound like a damn good idea if it means that Obama and crew don't have the revenue to keep up with the demands of Marxism. I digress.
They don't pay taxes like state, federal, medicare, medicaid, and the ever so popular Social Security. They send their money via Western Union to Mexico or where ever they're from. I'm forced to pay taxes from each and every paycheck I receive simply because I'm a citizen of these United States. This is hardly fair because not only do I need the money that is automatically deducted from my check, also because when I turn 62 I probably will never see a penny of the Social Security I've been paying into my whole employed life.
But this is hardly the issue. If illegal immigrants gain representation they can start bidding to influence or even change the laws that are already in place against immigration. Most that come here illegaly don't want to assimlate into American culture. By American culture I mean "the dream." Betterment. Being a model citizen. Pay your taxes, get an education, start a career, start a family. Live happily ever after.

Second, there is a plot to combine all of North America into one nation. How do you think this will happen? It's been happening for the past 60 years. There has been a Democratic Majority in our Congress for most of the past 50 years, save half a decade with Bush Jr. It started with the New Deal and FDR after the SUPER Depression. Extreme government spending and take over to bail our nation out of a hole. It is continuing with the Obamanator. Huge government bills that include sanctions on the energy, health, and status-quo of America. Everything has to be different and radical with these people.
I've been throwing this Cloward-Piven strategy around and I still believe this is their end-game. Create a poor people revolt, by taxing the shit out of everything. They're using the poor by promising change, but only to create an army of voters to keep them in office long enough to execute their plan. Before it was a slow-burn. Take a little and see a few results. Now it's taking the cake and eating it too.

Third, manufactured climate crisis. This is crap that Al Gore made up along with the internet. AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) means that Mankind has had some sort of effect on this gigantic, mostly uninhabited planet. Which is total bullshit. Put away (burn) your copy of An Inconvenient Truth and do a Google search once in a while. They are sticking this "crisis" to us so that they have a justification for emergency efforts to save the planet. Cap and trade, the Copenhagen submissiveness. Why did BO agree to the terms of Copenhagen? He didn't, he created the terms. The terms were that we would lower our carbon footprint on the planet by taxing the crap out of unhealthy industries. Which is more money in Dthe liberals pockets so they can further their retardation of the US economy. The EPA says CO2 is poisonous now. It's always been poisonous to humans, but the rest of the freakin' planet needs it to support human life. By saying it's poisonous it gives our Executive Branch total control over industry that now produces this poison.

I'm tired of reading and hearing about this. I just wish it would go away. Vote these people out of office. Do some research before you vote.
Cut off Obama's hands (Senate) and feet (House) so he cannot run this country into the ground with socialist agendas.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Give me nuggets or give me death...

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I can see it now.

"Yes, I'd like to have your 10 pc. Chicken McNuggets."
"We're currently out of McNuggets at this time, may I get you something else?"
*Drives around to first window*
*Punches through first drive through window glass*

I think McDonald's puts crack-cocaine in their food or something. Who seriously needs Chicken McNuggets so badly that they do time in the hospital and in jail? Is it a love-hate thing? I'm going to try some McNuggets tonight...intravenously. Maybe I'll even buy them individual baggies and sell them to the kids down the street.

"Hey...kid! I got some shit heya you ain't neba had!"
"Nah man, crack is whak!"
"It ain't crack kid, it's Nugett."
"Never heard of it man."
"You will once you tried it! bahahaha"

I don't mean to be racially insensitive, it's just the neighborhood I live in....

Oh, and apparently there's a convicted rapist living on my street now. Wonderful.

You look like a terrorist!

TSA decided to ask (finally) for international airports like London, Frankfurt, Madrid, etc, to beef up security in light of the failed Christmas-Day-Chicago-thing. This means that people flying to the US from places that are known states of terror like Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and know the places where most terroists come from, get patted down and searched for explosives.
"You look like a terrorist. Oh, you're connecting from Lebanon on your way to D.C., huh?"
"Yes, is this problem?"
"No, but the 10 kilos of C4 strapped to your chest is. And this AK-47 simply won't take as carry on. See? It's too long. If you had one with a folding stock, maybe, but you'll have to check this one. Sorry, chap."

This is profiling, plain and simple. But, how else are we supposed to protect our people from their jihad? TSA asked international airports to beef up security, but they're unlikely to comply. They hate us almost as much as the Muslim world.