Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Give me nuggets or give me death...

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I can see it now.

"Yes, I'd like to have your 10 pc. Chicken McNuggets."
"We're currently out of McNuggets at this time, may I get you something else?"
*Drives around to first window*
*Punches through first drive through window glass*

I think McDonald's puts crack-cocaine in their food or something. Who seriously needs Chicken McNuggets so badly that they do time in the hospital and in jail? Is it a love-hate thing? I'm going to try some McNuggets tonight...intravenously. Maybe I'll even buy them individual baggies and sell them to the kids down the street.

"Hey...kid! I got some shit heya you ain't neba had!"
"Nah man, crack is whak!"
"It ain't crack kid, it's Nugett."
"Never heard of it man."
"You will once you tried it! bahahaha"

I don't mean to be racially insensitive, it's just the neighborhood I live in....

Oh, and apparently there's a convicted rapist living on my street now. Wonderful.

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