Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State of the Union

Tonight at 8 PM CST our fair leader will be blowing hot air up our collective asses. Be sure and check it out. It'll probably be on every channel. Just turn on your it's ever off.

Found out something that I hadn't known of until recently. Right to Recall. Currently 9 states in the US (Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, and New Jersey) have, in their respective statutes, this right to recall a Senator after one year of his/her term.

Alternatively, states that do not have this statute can petition their local government to have it written into law. Think I'll give Blanche Lincoln a call today and see what's up.

Already in LA the Right to Recall has been processed and money bags Mary Landrieu that took a bribe from Major Reid for a vote on his facist health plan is probably in deep caca. But probably not because some jerk-wad will say it's unconstitutional.

I'd say that Facism and a new Reich in the US is freakin' unconstitutional.

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